How To Prepare For Surgery

Putting you at Ease

Our quality facility and staff are dedicated to creating a warm, compassionate, personalized environment for you and your family.

Before Surgery

We request all patients complete the online patient registration form. If you have difficulty or are without a computer, we will be happy to assist them in this process.

All patients must have a history and physical within 30 days of surgery.

Any special lab work, EKG, or x-rays necessary for your procedure will be arranged by your physician prior to the date of your surgery. If you have an infection, fever, or noticeable change in your health since your your last visit, inform your doctor.

If you are having a GI/Endoscopy Procedure please be sure to obtain your clean out prep.

On the business day before your surgery you will receive a call from our Center to provide you with the time to arrive for your procedure. You will also be provided with instructions for surgery. Please ensure the facility is properly informed with the best number to reach you at on this day to receive these important instructions. Your cooperation is required to ensure that your surgery is not cancelled.

For Surgery

A family member or friend must accompany you to and from this Surgery Center.

You may not drive after surgery. Public transportation should not be used.

After Surgery


For 24 hours after surgery